At a Glance

In a continuous effort to improve the quality of teaching and learning, health and safety, administration and overall performance of our school, the following actions have already been taken:

Since learning begins with quality teaching, we are strengthening our teaching and admin team, by recruiting additional talented, skilled and motivated staff academics, and by investing in training the existing team through professional development sessions tailored to the needs of the school.    

Behavior and conduct of everyone in our community is a top priority for success. To achieve this, we have appointed a very experienced security services company, Farnek, to this task. We have professional security guards throughout the premises, ensuring the safety and security of our children.

The school has also issued a new Behavior policy that we strictly follow. Finally, we are reinforcing on-campus supervision by enhancing our CCTV monitoring system to cover all areas within the school premises to allow our students and our teachers to focus on learning.

Student health & safety is one of our utmost concerns. To this regard, we have implemented appropriate policies and student manuals and have formulated detailed action plans on how to improve this aspect of the school, which we share with our parents.

Running a school is a partnership with the community and as such communication between the school and the parents is fundamental to us. To ensure this, our Parent Relations Officer works with parents to build the right communication channels, allowing us to get your thoughts and perspective on matters critical to our students.  

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Date: 24 / Feb / 2017



 Sleep Over - Grades 3 & 4 (Girls)

Date: 21 / Feb / 2017



 Externship for Seniors (Work Experience Grade 12)

Date: 21 / Feb / 2017



Nebras Field Trip (Girls)  (Grades 10,11,12)

Date: 20 / Feb / 2017



 NEBRAS Field Trip (Boys)