Dubai Arabian American Pvt. School is designed in such a way, to provide the most convenient learning environment and support the teaching to our students. Distributed over and area of 900,000 sq ft, the school provides two separate entities for boys and girls from grades 5 upwards. In order to support the curricular and extra-curricular activities, the school provides the following on campus facilities:

  • 4 computer labs, each one equipped with state of the art computers.
  • 5 science labs equipped with relevant scientific equipment for research and teaching.
  •  A fully updated library tailored to accomodate primary and secondary students.
  • 2 art rooms.
  • A Science Club to develop the students’ skills and scientific research and discoveries.
  • Air-conditioned multi-purpose indoor gym used to host a variety of indoor sports activities i.e. football to basketball, handball, volleyball, Badminton, gymnastics, karate, etc...
  • 2 indoor swimming pools: Adult size of 17.3m (L) x 9.1m (W) x 1.35m and kids size both fully equipped with toilets, showers and separated changing rooms for males and females.
  • Outdoor Multi Purpose Court that includes : basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis and handball.
  • Segregated canteen for boys and girls.
  • Interior playing areas.
  • School clinic equipped with a full-time doctor and 2 nurses.



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Date: 24 / Feb / 2017



 Sleep Over - Grades 3 & 4 (Girls)

Date: 21 / Feb / 2017



 Externship for Seniors (Work Experience Grade 12)

Date: 21 / Feb / 2017



Nebras Field Trip (Girls)  (Grades 10,11,12)

Date: 20 / Feb / 2017



 NEBRAS Field Trip (Boys)