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 Admissions for 2017/2018 Academic Year is now open. 

Applying to Dubai Arabian American Private School requires applicants to go through two phases: the academic assessment and the interview.

If the applicant passes the academic assessment, he or she will be interviewed by the school Principal or designee. The interview aims at evaluating the applicant’s personality, attitude and communication skills, in order to identify or detect any risk of behavior challenges. The interviewers will pay attention to the following:

  • Speech
  • Communication skills, social skills and behavior
  • Problem solving skills and critical thinking
  • Admissions Procedure

1.    Contact the school 
By contacting the school at +971 4 288 2222 or  click here Parents can inquire about registrations or apply by filling the application form in the link above.

2.    The Registration Form:
The Registration Form can be obtained from the Registrar's Office or filled online.  Once the registration form is filled out and signed by parents for every child applying to the school, an assessment fee of AED 200 will be charged per applicant, as a pre-requisite to taking the Admissions test.

3.    Admissions Test

The registrar will schedule an appointment for your child’s admission tests. Applicants for KG 1 & KG 2 are interviewed and assessed thoroughly by one of our KG class teachers, for language skills,  cognitive, social, physical and emotional development, both in English and Arabic (exemption from the Arabic Assessment if the applicant has a non-Arab nationality).

Applicants for Grades 1 through to 12 are required to sit for an admissions test. This test is computerized and covers Reading and Language skills, in both English and Arabic [exemption from the Arabic Assessment Exam if the applicant has a non-Arab nationality] in addition to Computation and Problem-Solving skills in Mathematics. In order to guarantee a time slot for the admissions test, please note that applicants need to submit their ID card, in addition a fee of AED 200.

4.    The Interview Process

Short listed applicants will be scheduled for an interview with the Principal or a designee. At this stage, ALL APPLICANTS will be required to submit all the required documents, prior to the interview. If the applicant does not submit all the required documents at this stage, then the interview will not be conducted.

5.    Documents required

  • To officially register your child, visit the school's Registrar's Office and have the following documents with you:
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • AED 2,000 per applicant
  • A copy of the applicant's passport showing a valid residence Visa (applicable to expatriates only)
  • A copy of the attested birth certificate matching passport data (birth certificates shall be considered first should birth dates differ)
  • A copy of Emirates ID card for student, as well as parents
  • Six (6) recent passport sized photographs (4cm x 6cm)
  • A copy of the immunization record School Transfer Certificate from the last previous school, to include: the date of enrollment, current year group, date the child left the school, official school stamp and signature
  • A reference letter from the previous school (for Grade 3 to Grade 12 applicants)
  • Most recent school Report Card (for Grade 3  to Grade12 applicants)
  • Complete Medical Forms / immunization records
  • Complete Transportation Form, if transportation is required.

6.    Acceptance Letter
Once the interview has been completed, parents of successful applicants will be contacted by email via the admissions office, to finalize the registration procedure. A letter of Acceptance, signed by the Principal, will be issued by the admissions office to the parents of successful applicants.

7.     Medical Form

Parents of accepted applicants must fill and sign the Medical Form, which can be obtained from the Registrar's Office.

8.    Transportation Form

Parents who are interested in school transportation can fill the Transportation Form, which can be obtained from the Registrar's Office. Transportation can be provided by the school if the area is covered by the bus route.

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