The curriculum is aligned to the State of California, USA academic standards. Additionally, Arabic and Islamic are offered with the implementation of the Ministry of Education standards. Click on the links below of interest for specific information to the curriculum and practices in each phase To learn more about the California State Standards, please download the guide CCSS Resources for Parents and Guardians in English or Arabic.

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Middle School

The middle school curriculum aims at developing a college and career readiness in students. In grades 6-8 more emphasis is made on analysis of text while exploring a variety of genres with a focus on non-fiction. In math, students learn to solve multi-step problems through real world applications and are introduced to pre-algebra. The integrated science curriculum gives students the opportunities to explore different discipline of science while developing their inquiry skills and the scientific process. These lessons take place in science labs where students can conduct experiments and research on topics. An emphasis is also made on developing life-long learning skills such as research, communication and collaboration.
In this phase, students’ progress and attainment is monitored through the following types of assessments:
• Cognitive Abilities Test 4 (CAT4) given from grades 6-8 in three-year cycles. The purpose of this assessment is to measure each child’s abilities and approach to learning. Data from this test helps teachers design lessons that meet the needs of all learners based on how students think.
• Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) given from 6-8 three times per year. The performance is measured from the previous two years performance as well as within the same academic year. The assessment is catered to simplify or increase in difficulty as the child answers each question. The assessment is specific to reading, language, math and science.
• Internal benchmarks are used from the curricular resources to support and triangulate our student data based on curricular standards for each grade. Internal benchmarks are taken three times per year.
• Formative and summative assessments are administered to students for each subject to check mastery of skills and objectives. They are given as units of studies are completed and are communicated to parents via the Parent Portal on a weekly basis. 

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