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How to stay up-to-date

The DAAS School iCampus School App and portal is a secure website designed to provide a two way electronic communication between the school family (parents and students) and the school management (teachers and admin), to keep you up to date during the academic year. parents may contact teachers directly using their school email address.  

The DAAS iCampus School App is a main source of information on general news at school, school-wide events and alerts. Use the DAAS iCampus School App and portal to keep your calendar up-to-date plus link for school news, school resources, parent messages and letters from the principal and classroom teachers. You can even personalize this essential app to receive information for your child’s class and messages from your teacher.


How to use the DAAS iCampus School Portal

The iCampus School App installs on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. It’s very easy to install and provides information needed about our school initiatives.


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