MIssion & Vision

Mission & Vision
Vision: Empowering students to be successful today, equipped for tomorrow, and lifelong learners.
Mission: Dubai Arabian American School will collaboratively involve students, parents, educators and essential components of the community to ensure students’ success today. We will prepare students for tomorrow by integrating critical thinking and social responsibility, developing their problem solving and reasoning skills, and boost their self-confidence. Our students will become lifelong learners through active learning and their engagement with their environments, which is stimulating, promotes cultural diversity and treasures everyone’s heritage.
Educational Objectives:
DAAS will meet the educational needs and expectations of our students and aspire to provide these opportunities that our students need to develop to their full potential through:
 • The acquisition of 21st century skills necessary for becoming productive members of the society
 • Achieving academic success through varied teaching and learning strategies.
 • Motivating students’ enthusiasm for learning through independent, critical and creative thinking.
 •  Providing and maintaining high academic standards through continuous evaluation and improvement.
 • Providing a holistic, systemic form of education, where all the stakeholders- community, educators, students and parents are all integral contributors to the development of a successful academic program to foster learners’ growth. 
Becoming holistic thinkers who are knowledgeable, with the skills, attitudes and values required of responsible citizens of the world.
Empowering all learners, regardless of the level of their abilities.
Providing a safe and nurturing learning environment through a US curriculum model based on that of the State of California
Promoting an appreciation of diverse traditions and values through global citizenry
Appreciating the uniqueness of each student through the promotion of individualized quality education.  
Building and celebrating diverse cultures based on international mindedness, bilingual (English and Arabic) development
Our core values: 
Respect, Tolerance, Integrity, Achievement, Fairness, Transparency, Support and Care


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