The curriculum is aligned to the State of California, USA academic standards. Additionally, Arabic and Islamic are offered with the implementation of the Ministry of Education standards. Click on the links below of interest for specific information to the curriculum and practices in each phase.
To learn more about the California State Standards, please download the guide CCSS Resources for Parents and Guardians in English or Arabic.

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Early Childhood

The Early Childhood Program represents KG1 and KG2. In this phase, students learn through play and collaboration while emerging as learners with foundational language skills in both English and Arabic, number sense in mathematics and exploration with curiosity in science. Children are assessed through MAP and through demonstrating developmentally appropriate skills for children aged three to five years old. They are encouraged to be creative, think independently and work collaboratively with their peers.
Technology is integrated into lessons through the use of robots, interactive floors and applications used on devices to reinforce learning. Learning is not restricted to the classroom, with kindergarteners growing a vegetable garden and exploring the outdoors sensory areas, jungle gym as well as the role play area.

We equip our little ones to confidently share their experiences with friends and peers, and happily open their arms to the world of learning. Incorporating online platforms, tailoring the curriculum to the needs of our students, and providing support to students of determination, are some of our key strengths. Our learners grow to become independent and competitive individuals and lead their learning journey by voicing their opinions without fear. At DAAS, we shape caring and compassionate individuals who are ready to take over anything that comes their way. Our teaching philosophy lies at the heart of structured play, self-regulation, inquiry, and performance-based tasks that lead to creating leaders of tomorrow.

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