High School

The high school curriculum is designed to develop college and career readiness in students, while preparing for university admissions and career choices. Students in high school must earn 26 credits with a minimum of 60% passing grades in all subjects to be eligible for a US High School Diploma from Dubai Arabian American Private School.

Courses include core subjects as well as a variety of electives are offered to enrich the curriculum and develop students holistically. Electives are selected based on student interest and career goals. Our course curriculums are designed with real-life application imbedded through daily application. Students complete our 4-year program proficient in skills necessary to enter university or the work field and be competent contributing members of society. In addition, our holistic approach encourages students to become model UAE citizens by providing opportunities for students to volunteer, complete community service, support People of Determination, and exercise Green Living practices.

Our high school University and Career Counselor is ready to discuss course and career options for you and your student, along with answer questions as they relate to university admissions or career preparation.

Please contact Mais Obaji at mais.obaji@daaschool.com for any questions.  

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