Dubai Arabian American Private School is an inclusive school and accepts all students for consideration during their admission process. (Please see Admissions Tab).


The Inclusion Department consists of a Head of Inclusion Leader, Learning Support Teachers, Learning Support Assistants and Peer Mentors.  The primary responsibility is to support students that have demonstrated difficulty in school.  Those identified as Students of Determination are placed on an Individual Education Plan as a collaborative effort from the academic team, parents, students, and any other personnel that will best represent the student.  


Services for Students of Determination include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Academic support in the mainstream classroom
  • Pull out support in a least restrictive environment
  • Counseling for academics or social emotional matters
  • Liaising among the academic team and the student (and parents)
  • Providing accommodations during assessments 
  • Challenging students with goals and follow up to personal plans

The Head of Inclusion is May Mina and she is willing to answer any questions for you or provide you with a copy of our Inclusion Handbook. You may contact her at